The Top 5 Wedding themes for your big day

Theme-styled wedding are getting more and more popular today, so we’ve decided to give you a short list of all the best themes for your big day!

5. Beach theme

Beach weddings are one of the trends that never die. The thing you need to have in mind that you need to set the wedding into the summer season, or to move to an exotic destination if the wedding takes place during the winter. Sandy beach and sunset are the top two thing you need to have in mind, along with floral necklaces and funny cocktails for your guests.

4. Vintage Wedding

Vintage has always been a huge hit for the brides. Pastel colors, Victorian styled home and furniture, vintage cars and not-so traditional wedding dress… sound vintage enough! We love arranging the non classical weddings for you, and vintage is our thing as well.

Slikovni rezultat za vintage wedding pastel

Pastel details will make your vintage wedding complete!

3. Boho wedding

Fashion taught us well what boho means and what boho looks like. Forest flowers in your hair, dream catchers, feather and tribal patterns… They will, oh, match so perfectly for your laid-back wedding with no stress.

2. Tropical wedding

Palm leaves, bold splash of colours… Does anything remind you of summer and vacation more than that? We can’t agree more. Tropical patterns have made a huge comeback into our wardrobe and we hope they never leave. The same goes to stationery and decoration patterns. We can’t help but fall in love in those sharp palm leaves in harmony with bright colors that remind of rain forest paradise,

Slikovni rezultat za tropical wedding

Prepare yourself for your honeymoon with this perfect tropical theme wedding.

1. Forest Wedding

Do you think you need a forest background in order to have the perfect forest-themed wedding? Well, you can’t be more wrong. Any outdoor location can be the perfect spot for your forest style wedding reception because it’s all about the details.

Slikovni rezultat za forest wedding lanterns

Small, but thoughtfully arranged details are crucial for your forest wedding theme.

These are our top 5 wedding themes for the big day. Do you have some more? Feel free to write us!

Our jubilee 500th wedding event!

Dear guests, visitors, clients, friends and supporters,

We’re extremely happy to inform you about our Celebrations flowers team has a number of 500 events behind Us after many years of hard work. Tanya and Steve were our lovely clients this time with a classical, yet modern and romantic outdoor wedding we took part in. This wedding was special in many ways, but it being our jubilee of 500 meant something special for our team. Our company started as a small family business 10 years ago when we were working from our home basement and slowly made our way out. It took us a decade to get to out 500th event and we assure you there are many more to come.

Perfect weather conditions had let us do the work quickly and easily from the beginning till the very end. Tanya was very simple and wanted the ornaments to be plain-white, classic and romantic. Something we’re professionals at!

We were more than proud with the end result and so were the bride and the groom. We’re delivering a couple of photos of our jubilee event so you can see how it looked. We always believed how white color symbols simplicity and elegance, which are just the right words to describe our lovely bride on this day.

Slikovni rezultat za wedding

We just love outdoor weddings!

Slikovni rezultat za wedding

This romantic white bouquet shows how simple yet elegant the bride is.

Tanya and Steve, thanks for being our 500th client couple. We loved the wedding and stay still hoping that your marriage will run as smoothly as the ceremony and organisation did. Thanks and good luck!

We would also like to thank to all our previous clients and supporters for believing in us and making us believe that what we do for you is just right. Nothing of this would be possible without your help and support throughout all these years behind us. Thank you once again, beautiful people!

Our florists at the Floral Designing Competition in Singapore!

You must already know that educating our florists, arrangers and event planners is very important to us. Over the years, we try our best for them to get the best experience and knowledge from all around the world. We can tell you for sure, being a florist is more than arranging flowers and making bouquets. It’s about making art, being motivated and open minded in order to get the best result for our dear customers.

This year, Nancy and Barbara had the honor of visiting Singapore. The occasion was the World’s Florist Championship which has been held for almost 20 years already. This year it was Singapore’s turn to host all these wonderful people and teach them things about their profession. our wonderful girls have spent 10 days working with 60 other flower artists and florists from all over the world and had a wonderful time learning and working with a bunch of young people. Unfortunately, Nancy and Barbara weren’t the ones to win the competition, but they came back home enriched for this wonderful experience, with some new skills and knowledge.

Slikovni rezultat za floral design

The winning flower exhibit from the Singapore Competition

They say how thrilling it is to work and travel to a destination so different from the one we live in. “Singapore is so so lively and we felt like the city never sleeps. It was almost like being in a different universe! Our colleagues at the competition were young flower artists aged 18-35 from all over the world. We had a wonderful roommate, Aida from Romania- She was very lovely and she was a great teacher to all of us there. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch” said Nancy

Barbara was shocked how popular flower design is in Singapore,”I couldn’t believe all those people coming there to actually look at what we do. Like, there was a bunch of people in the great hall at all times. They weren’t only interested i seeing what we had done, but they really wanted to be a part of the process during all those ten days we’ve worked there. I’ve been to many places so far, but have never seen something like this. Singapore, you’re amazing!”

We are glad our wonderful girls had a great time and we hope they will attend many more competitions in the future!