Let Us make your wedding day as close to the dream as possible!

We are celebrations flowers, a family with a decade long tradition in arranging flowers, bouquets and making any of your fairy tales alive. We are specialized in wedding occasions, but can still give you a hand in any way  you need it.

Our wonderful and friendly staff will be glad to give you an informative initial consultation at which you will inform them about your wedding location as well as your wishes, ideas and needs. Maybe you’re in for a theme wedding? We’re more than ready for that as well! Don’t worry, whatever you have in your mind, we can make it a reality for you. After the initial consultation, our lovely staff will give you a proposal of your wedding flowers and bouquets in accordance with your wishes and your budget, of course. We assure you we’re very passionate and professional about what we do and we guarantee you being pleased with the ultimate result.

Joining modern and traditional

We’re aware of the fact that every bride’s needs and preferences are different. Most of the brides even today like the traditionally-styled wedding followed by traditional ornaments and traditional looks.  We assure you we’re the pioneers of traditional and classical, with hundreds of traditional weddings behind us and the same number of satisfied customers and brides.

On the other hand, more and more people tend to have a bit more modern-styled wedding and we’re always more than happy to help with that as well. Our arrangers and wedding planners are well-educated and trained to give you a modern, yet romantic and styled wedding. You can choose from variety of modern options for your wedding, like light projections on the dance floor or even some of the latest technology trends like drone filming your wedding for the best results. If you decide to use drones for weddings too, pay attention to few things. First, you must find drone that has good flight time, second – you should always, always get spare batteries. Last but not least, you must find skilled pilot who will control drone during the wedding ceremony. Getting a high quality equipment and then giving it to someone who doesn’t know how to properly use it doesn’t really make a sense? We’re also using drones under $200 for flower dropping at the spot, as seen at many celebrity weddings. We even offer you go pro filming by arranging the camera in your wedding bouquet or whatever you think fits in your wedding plan! When it comes to your wedding, there is nothing more important than your ultimate happiness.

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Visit Us in our lovely office and meet our friendly staff!

Theme weddings

Themed weddings are getting more and more popular in the last few years, and we can tell you why! Because it’s fun, modern and so unique. We did a lot of different themes throughout the years and encountered numerous beach weddings, rustic wedding, even Alice in Wonderland weddings, you name it. Your wish is our command! We’ll make sure you get the perfect location according to your wedding theme, as well as all the ornaments which will fit your style and wishes. We’re more than prepared to organize your wedding both inside and outside, depending on the season and weather conditions at the given time. There are numbers of opportunities and options for your big day, and we’re happy to tell you we’re going to make it the best ever.

If you wish to set up a initial consultation meeting with us, you can simply stop by at one of our offices anytime between 8 AM -4 PM working days, where you’ll be greeted by our receptionist with whom you’ll agree on the date and time of your initial consultation meeting with us. If it’s not quite convenient for you to stop by, you can always contact us using the Contact form on our web page (for further info, please check the Contact Us tab on the top of the page).

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Let us make your big day the best ever!

We’re looking forward to meeting you and making your dreams come true. Remember, your wedding is the mos important day in your life and we would just love to help you make it unforgettable! Don’t forget, once celebration is over it’s important to take care of all your flowers. If you need help with it, take a look at how to preserve flowers tutorial. In case you need help with it, you can hire us to preserve it for you.